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The Archipelago of La Maddalena is composed of 7 main little islands and is a national park : you will admire here the most beautiful colours of Sardinia sea .
I do not suggest to visit it , I order it ! :-) It is so beautiful !
The main island is La Maddalena , the only one which has a town of about 11 thousand inhabitants . The second island is located to the east of La Maddalena : it is Caprera island whose beauty charmed  our hero Giuseppe Garibaldi who built there his house : it is a museum nowadays: you can visit it every morning except on Mondays  .
Leaving from Olbia you will be in Palau harbour in about 40 minutes and can take the ferry to La Maddalena . There is one ferry every 20 minutes :you can transport your car for cheap and drive along the two islands . The distance between is only 2 miles and the ferry trip only lasts 20 minutes . Caprera and La Maddalena are linked by a little bridge : you can drive you car. You are going to be amazed by the granit coves of La Maddalena and
Caprera turquoise transparent water .
Porto Madonna
map of Sardinia
map of Sardiniamap of Sardiniamap of Sardinia
map of Sardinia
I also suggest  to visit the western wild minor islands : Spargi ,Budelli, Razzoli, Santa Maria .
I advise to make a trip with one of the 22 metres boats of the Park : the archipelago is usuallly windy and the water is not deep next to the coastline . Unless you are very expert , do not rent a dingy but trust the boat commanders' skills and knowledge of the sea funds .
And do not forget to protect your skin against the sun : you do not feel it burning because of wind , but it does .
I stop "mum's advice" and  go on with tips :-)
The Park boats leave from Palau at about 10 .a.m. . Normally you always find your place even if you do not book beforehand and the price of the trip is about 35 € per adult , spaghetti at lunch time 5€ ( Spaghetti are free for my B&B guests ) . You will be back to Palau at about 5.30  p.m. . The itineraries can change according to the boat you choose . All itineraries are good if you choose little boats . If you take the biggest ones ,well ... it is like a visit to an ancient  village centre ( that means narrow streets ) with a big truck : you cannot enter it and stay far away !
You will see Spargi wild island and its wild beaches : Cala Corsara , Cala Ciaccaru , Cala Granara and will swim in paradise .
A second stop during your trip will leed you to Santa Maria island : the water looks like precious aquamarine with its very pale green blue nuances , and also to Porto Madonna , somekind of natural port shaped by the 3 northern islets : Budelli , Razzoli and Santa Maria . In recent days it has been nicknamed " the natural pools " because water is not deep .
La maddalena Archipel Sardinia
Porto Madonna , a guest's  photo - La Maddalena islands

La Maddalena Islands, Sardinia

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Coticcio Beach  - Caprera -Sardinia La Maddalena island : beach of Spalmatore - Sardinia Santa Maria Beach - Sardinia Spargi island Beach, Sardinia Spargi island , Sardinia : the Witch 's Rock Budelli Island , Sardinia
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Would you enjoy a private boat excursion to la Maddalena islands with a professional local guide and skipper ? Please , send your enquiry .